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Limited edition of 10

42 x 59cm

Print sold unframed


In 2020 Robert Fielding developed creative responses to the dissonance between the institutional knowledge held in ‘official’ archives and lived knowledge held in oral traditions. He has created a personal archive of histories and images connecting the Afghan pioneers, Anangu culture, the stolen generation, environmental changes and the ongoing process of land theft and oppression.


Ngananya is the first body of work presented as part of this research.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


"These works are about remembering, and of bringing a memory to life. I’m from a big family of storytellers, for us repetition is the way we hold on to stories of old, repeating images, repeating songlines, repeating stories – over and over. For me, screen-printing is about repetition as well, we recreate an image with all the dots creating the greater whole. Like in our community, the snippets of memory make up our own cultural archive. Repetition is our way of creating an everlasting memory. The screenprints are based on spray-painted stencils that I made in order to bring images from the archive back to life, bring them out of the confines of their drawers and into the street, back into life."

Ngananya, signed screen-print by Robert Fielding

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