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Sammy Dodd was born in 1946 to an Afghani / Arabana father and a Pitjantjatjara mother near Kenmore on the APY lands in South Australia. As a young boy he travelled extensively with his father’s camel wagon, out past his mother’s country of Watarru and all the way down to Finke and Oodnadatta.

Sammy attributes this renowned craftsmanship and knowledge of kulata (spears) to this period of his life, sitting and watching the old men crafting kulata and miru (spearthrower) for hunting.

He belongs to generation privy to much change in the region and after the closing of Everard Station at the location of today’s Mimili Community, began working in Land Management, teaching young fellas about country and kulata. As one of the oldest men in Mimili today, Sammy Dodd’s craft has become well renown near and far.

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