Mimili Maku Arts is a vibrant contemporary art studio owned and governed by a strong board of Anangu directors. The art centre supports artists across different disciplines such as painting, photography, and publishing.

Mimili Maku Arts is a place for intergenerational exchange and learning, where Anangu knowledge is celebrated daily. It was envisioned by Anangu Elders in order to address the serious disadvantage faced by communities on the APY Lands, and to create potent platforms for Anangu voices to be heard all across Australia. Being a sustainable business for future generations of Anangu living in community, the art centre is not only a space for artistic excellence but also a tool to support real social change.

Mimili Community lies within the beautiful Everard Ranges, around 500 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. At one time known as Everard Park, a cattle station, the area was returned to Aboriginal ownership through the 1981 APY Land Rights Act. Today, Mimili is home to about 250 Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people who refer to themselves as Anangu.

Mimili's name derives from Kinara Mimi, a place of water where Kapi Kata (lit. water head / soakage) still lies. Iriti (long time ago) Kinara Mimi was known as Pira Mimi, which means “the moon is just starting to come up” in Yankunytjatjara. This manta (land) and this wapar (storyline) belongs to Yankunytjatjara people, but has become a place for Yankunytjatjara people to come together tjungu with Pitjantjatjara people; they became united as walytja (family).  Today Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people live together in Mimili, we all work together at Mimili Maku Arts, bringing together the stories of our home and sharing the storylines of our foundation, Kinara Mimi.

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