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This special Collectors’ edition of Kunmanara Williams' monograph "Kulinmaya! Keep listening, everybody!" comes in a limited edition of 20, with only a few remaining.


The edition includes a book in a dust jacket sewn from Australia Post mailbags.


It also includes a screen print from original drawings by the artist on an archival map of Australia.


Book and print are stored in a custom-made archival storage box and will be shipped in a custom-built crate. Due to the nature of materials and processes, each dust jacket & print is unique.



“Kuwari, year nyangatja 2016 ngayulu tjatamilanu nyaa paintamilaningi, map panya, Australiala winki tjara, ara tjakultjunkunytjaku. Ka ngayulu tjukurpa Pitjantjatjara walkatjunkupai kutju, tjukurpa nyaa tjara, tjilpi pampa tjutangku ngura palula titutjara kanyini, ngura miilmiilpa tjuta, malatja malatja tjutaku. Ngayulu wangkapai tjukurpa wiru tjuta, nganampa tjukurpa kunpu kanyinytjikitjangku. Australia map panya tjukurpa uwankaraku, Ananguku munu piranpa tjutaku, Australiala winki.


I started painting the map of Australia in 2016 and using my paintings to talk about important things. I write in Pitjantjatjara about how the old men and women are custodians of their land, how they’ve got to keep culture strong, protect sacred sites and pass all their knowledge on to the younger ones. I’m talking about things where I live, about how we’ve got to be strong and protect our land and culture. The map of Australia shows that even though I’m writing in my language and talking about my country, these stories are important for Aboriginal people everywhere, all over Australia.”


(Kunmanara Mumu Mike Williams, 2018)

Kulinmaya! Keep Listening, everybody! Collectors' edition

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