Thank you for your interest in working with Mimili Maku Arts!


We are currently looking for a studio assistant, a committed individual who is ready to join us here in Mimili and bring their energy and passion into this job, assisting us to grow our business for future generations of artists over the coming years.

Meet our chairperson Tuppy Goodwin in the video below to get a better idea of the work we do at our art centre, and the journey Mimili Maku Arts has taken over the past ten years.

Mimili Maku Arts is a professional art studio and home to some of Australia’s most potent and celebrated artists. The position of the studio assistant is a unique opportunity for an arts professional looking to work for a group of passionate artists and community leaders in an equally creative as challenging role.

The studio assistant will work alongside artists and arts workers to support the running of a professional art studio, handling daily operations of the studio, and therefore allowing artists to devote their time to creating work and developing new ideas. Work duties vary depending on artists’ need and range from general to highly specialised assistance across multiple media. 


The role requires a developed sense of aesthetics and experience in arts development, and a highly motivated approach to working as part of a cross-cultural team. Commitment to social, cultural and artistic development, and the ability to work towards large outcomes in these areas is also essential. A good understanding of the contemporary Australian art world, as well as knowledge of contemporary Aboriginal art is important to operate successfully in this position. 


Working for a team of Anangu directors, any applicant must have respect for Anangu leadership and a willingness to learn from the art centre team and follow cultural guidelines.

Please contact for the Job Package. Applications close June 13.