• Mimili Maku Arts

Sydney Contemporary 2019

Over the course of ten months Mimili Maku Arts supported five artists to produce ambitious new bodies of work for Sydney Contemporary 2019. Robert Fielding, Sammy Dodd, Betty Kunitwa Pumani, Marina Pumani and Judy Martin will be featured at this years Sydney Contemporary presented by three different galleries. 

'The objects in these photographs are echoes of the past. With them come the memories of past afflictions upon our land and culture: the memories of rations, missions, mining, and farming.

Like manta (earth) continually reclaiming the physical remnants of the past through rust and erosion, Anangu culture continually reclaims its place as part of our landscape. By reshaping echoes of the past into songs of our future, we create new memories, new ways of keeping culture strong.'

Robert Fielding


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