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Kunmanara (Willy Muntjantji) Martin

b. 1950
d. 2018

Mr Martin was a much loved senior artist at Mimili Maku Arts, a respected community leader and friend to many. Founding member and longstanding director, he was an integral part of the art centre. Alongside his wife Judy, he worked prolifically on paintings that radiate his deep knowledge of country until the day of his passing. The strong body of work he leaves behind shows his commitment to passing on this knowledge to the next generation:

“It’s important that we hold our culture, our stories, our connection to country strong for

malatja-malatja (future generations) – that’s why I make paintings.”

Mr Martin grew up around Pukatja and held a number of positions across the region before becoming an artist. In everything he did, the transfer of knowledge to the next generation and an unmistakable pride of Anangu culture was at the core. His caring, gentle and joyous nature remains with us here at the art centre until today.

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