In 2020 Robert Fielding developed creative responses to the dissonance between the institutional knowledge held in ‘official’ archives and lived knowledge held in oral traditions. He has created a personal archive of histories and images connecting the Afghan pioneers, Anangu culture, the stolen generation, environmental changes and the ongoing process of land theft and oppression.

Ngananya is the first body of work presented as part of this research. 


Ngananya 1, 2020, screen print on cotton rag, edition of 10 + 1AP, 59 x 42cm

Kulata Tjuta

Tarnanthi goes international in 2020 with the presentation of a major touring exhibition in France of new works by artists from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in South Australia.

The exhibition showcases important paintings and photographs along with an installation of spears and tools in wood and cast bronze. With the involvement of thirty-four artists from APY art centres, the exhibition presents a rare opportunity for European audiences to experience the creative scope, adaptive genius and artistic dynamism of Anangu culture today.


Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes, France

in partnership with the AGSA and the APYACC

Wirura Kanyini

Wirura kanyini, meaning ‘well looked after’, is a video work in three parts by artist Robert Fielding that explores the storylines of past, present and future Mimili Community, which is located in the remote APY Lands in South Australia.


Art Gallery of NSW - Online

Robert Fielding,

From Milpatjunanyi, 2020,

single-channel digital video

Josina Pumani


APY Gallery - Online

Josina Pumani,

Antara, 2020,

Acrylic on linen

Betty Kuntiwa Pumani and Marina Pumani Brown



Alcaston Gallery

Betty Kuntiwa Pumani,

Antara, 2019,

Acrylic on linen

Kinara Mimi



RAFT Gallery

Linda Puna,

Ngayuku Ngura, 2019,

Acrylic on linen


Kulilaya munu nintiriwa (Listen and learn)

Our late Elder and art centre director Kunmanara Williams was invited to participate in the Biennale of Sydney before his passing in March 2019. His vision for the exhibition was a large-scale political protest piece, working with the young men in Mimili to show to the world that Tjukurpa was still strong, that language was still alive, and that there was much left to learn from Anangu traditional owners.


NIRIN 2020, Art Gallery of NSW

Mimili Maku Arts,

Kulilaya munu nintiriwa, 2020

Installation at the Art Gallery of NSW


This show focuses on the exciting new work by the next generation working at Mimili Maku Arts, as well as collaborative pieces.


Short St Gallery

Emma Singer,

Kapi, 2019

Acrylic on linen


Routes / Roots

Robert Fielding solo exhibition



Linden New Art

Robert Fielding,


2019, Bronze, gold leaf, camel wool, kulata (spear wood), mulga, mulga leaf resin and kangaroo sinew

© Mimili Maku Arts 2020