Betty comes from a strong female family line. Her mother Milatjari Pumani was a very well respected senior woman and one of the founding members of Mimili Maku Arts. As custodian of Antara and its significant Maku (witchetty grub) Tjukurpa, she taught not only her own children, but also other young women from Mimili about the importance of the site. Betty has followed in her mother’s footsteps, working firstly as a teacher, then as a painter, in order to create a framework to carry the stories of Antara on to the next generation.

Betty is most well known for her energetic paintings using a unique visual language that expresses the beauty, power and resilience of the land. Betty’s signature reds evoke the rocky desert country of Antara, whilst simultaneously suggesting viscera and an unmistakable energy that runs through country. The contrasting areas of white and its subtle tonal shifts are a quiet and patient counterpoint celebrating the subtle strengths and dedication with which Betty and her family have cared for Antara since time immemorial.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Nganampa Walytja – Our Family, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

2018 Malaku Angkupai Antaraku – Always Returning to Antara, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

Selected Awards

2019 Winner, Len Fox Painting Award, Castlemaine Art Museum

2019 Finalist, NATSIAA, MAGNT

2019 Finalist, Wynne Prize, AGNSW

2018 Finalist, NATSIAA, MAGNT

2018 Finalist, Wynne Prize, AGNSW

2018 Highly Commended Award, Hadley Prize, Hadley Hotel

2017 Winner, Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales

2016 Winner, NATSIAA General Painting Award, MAGNT

2015 Winner, NATSIAA General Painting Award, MAGNT

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